10 year Performance Guarantee

bulletAll Delta Venturi Orifice Steam Traps come standard with our 10 year performance guarantee against orifice erosion and steam wastage.

Minimal Maintenance

bulletNo moving parts

bulletNo spare parts required

bulletPermanently eliminate the need for steam trap surveys

bulletSavings on labour for repairing steam traps

bulletUnaffected by thermal shock or water hammer

Improved efficiencies

bulletDue to the traps unique DSV™ venturi orifice design there is TRUE continuous condensate discharge without any open/close cycles rather than intermittent discharge like traditional mechanical type steam traps such as ball float or inverted bucket traps.

bulletUpstream control valves have a more linear steam supply to the process equipment rather than the traditional continuous peak and trough supply.

bulletA thinner film of condensate is accumulated on the heating surface of the process equipment allowing improved heat transfer.

bulletThrough permanently eliminating failed steam traps passing live steam into the condensate return system and pressurising this system, a more balanced downstream pressure is achieved allowing faster condensate discharge and improved heat transfer.

bulletMinimal thermal energy loss due to the Delta DSV™ Steam Traps compact design (in some cases up to 20 times smaller than mechanical steam traps)

Environmentally Friendly

bulletCO2 emissions are reduced through reducing steam wastage through failed traps

bulletSave water

bulletSave water treatment chemicals

bulletSave boiler fuel (gas, oil, coal, electricity) by up to 30%