Steam System Surveys

Saving steam not only saves money but also improves the efficiency of the complete steam system.

Through investment in the latest in steam trap testing technology, Delta Steam Systems has positioned itself as the market leader in steam trap testing and steam system surveys.

Areas focused on include:

bulletSteam Traps Surveys

bulletBoiler optimisation

bulletCondensate Return

bulletSteam Leaks

bulletInsulation Efficiency


bulletOperator Knowledge


Technology Used

Ultrasonics: The Steam Trap Management System (STMS) is a software based ultrasonic tester that is programmed to identify steam leaks within 5 - 10 seconds of testing.

Steam leak

Thermal Imagery: Thermal imaging cameras are used to identify heat losses in insulation, leaking isolation or safety valves and identify hot spots on boilers and refractory areas.

Steam leak Steam leak

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